When should i start the pott training process with a little boy


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Toni - posted on 02/10/2010




Thank you both so much. I have noticed that he is very curious about the potty but when i go into the bathroom with him after he takes his diaper off I put him on the potty and he then isnt so curious he gets a lttle upset. Its been a little hectic he is a little oung et but so curious.

Mary - posted on 02/10/2010




Depends on his maturity. Age 1 is the time you should start to try. the secret is get him a stool for the front of the toilet so that he can reach and put some cheerios (generic version of course) in the toilet and have him aim his urine at it.(almost like making it a game) start off with a handful and as he becomes a Big Boy slowly decrease the quantity you use and then say your a BIG BOY we don't do that for BIG BOYS!!!! It has worked for all 6 of my nephews... Good luck keep me posted

Khermit - posted on 02/10/2010




I have a little boy and I started when he was a very stable walkers (so almost 2 years old). We went to the store and I let him pick out a potty and a design of of pull ups. It really depends on the age but I would do it when they are able to be a little independent. If they are able to walk well, balance, they have started taking off their own diaper and clothes and aren't afraid of the toilet flushing I would start.

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