why do men think that its okay not to take care of there kids


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Charlena - posted on 07/15/2010




no your not the only one but you have to remember that there are women who walk away from children as well , Men arent always the ones to say " peace im out " There are many single fathers doing what we do everyday also. Theres been many times , many cases where a women has probably told the father to stay away from the kids . I just think parents need to learn how to communicate and like i said in other posts stop acting like teenagers and act like adults because the only people who suffer are the children .

Sybil - posted on 07/15/2010




I think we are single moms because the father felt some challenge in being able to play a role in their child's life.

Maybe it is because they do not carry the child within them for nine months, maybe it is because they are not the ones who go through the physical process of labour or caesarian and they do not breastfeed, so there is a short circuit on parenting and the needs of a child.

As difficult as the journey has been for me and my little one's father, I have always tried to do all that I can to build their relationship. Even when he was not interested in being a father, I sent pictures and wrote to him about our son's development and growth. I have always taken my child halfway across the world every year for him to see his child at my expense. I believe that it is important for them to know each other and have a relationship. This has not been easy, it has been a great struggle at times and because I love my son and I want him to know his father, I do this.

My son's father and I have been through not being able to stand one another, not speaking and we have gotten to a place where the only important person is our SON and our egos could be put aside and we are the best parents that he needs.

Both of us have moved on with our lives, we understand and appreciate that we have a child who will need both of us as he grows into a loving, intelligent young man.

While I do not know why they think it is okay to take care of their children, all we can do as mothers is ensure that our children have a mother and father who care for them, even if they are not together.

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