Why will she go #2 in the potty but not #1???


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Tomasine - posted on 03/21/2009




Because she is smart; poo is brown, it stains and stinks worst than pee-pee which is wet and warm lol
But, really don't worry it is just a phase my middle son put the pee in the potty and hid in the corner to go poo-poo. She is just trying to sort it out in her head how this potty thing works. The treats or rewards are a great idea also, and there is always the victory dance and song when you do it go crazy that way she knows she did something major. I had all 3 of mine fully trained by 2

Holly - posted on 03/12/2009




Isn't that the best! Both of mine would alternate between them one month it was #1 then the next it was #2 for like it seemed he last 3 months before they totally got it.  I tried just giving an extra treat or praise if your not into the treat thing for the one they won't do at the time after washing hands of course they would get a couple of M&M's and get extra for the one they were having problems with and it's helpful if they see you go, as strange as that sounds. Hope it helps. oh and really pay attention to your reactions when they do it wrong if you make a bigger deal out of the messin up they might just be liking the attention. Ya mine were little drama queens!

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