Single Mums in the UK

A relaxed group for single mums in the UK. A chance to get support and advice, have a chat and a gossip and more than any thing have a bit of fun and make some friends


bad breath

hi every one I recently developed serious bad breath that has ruled my life. i have taking so many. medication prescribed by gp but still smell. so many x-ray by dentist. came...


How to go about registering for nursery

I have a 2yr old girl who only turned 2 in January, shes my only child so i'm clueless what i'm supposed to do. How do i go about sorting a place out for her for nursery when...


Am i being unfair?

Hi everyone, i would really like to get an unbiased opinion as to whether im being unfair or not? Me and my ex partner were together for 7 years and have recently just split up....


How have you found CSA?

I've not had a good time with the CSA, I've given them information and they've not used it and then said they cannot help me so I've spent alot of time correcting them. Has...


Has anyone reached the peace stage

I have been reading some of the other single mums parts of the community and I fully understand that the missing fathers can be massively difficult to deal with and can drive...



hi, was just wondering if there's any single mummies out there due in june and living in somerset?


Why do friends not understand?

I am 23 years old and have a 19 month old son. Since giving birth i have been diagnosed with PND and have been having a real tough time of it lately. Not many of my friends...


What is the best pain relief for labour?

What pain relief did u use? was it good? I had an epidural, as my blood pressure was too high (pre eclampsa) to give birth without. It was effective but, i really disliked...