how early is too early to start sleep training?

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I have a 3 week old and am wondering when to start sleep training her instead of rocking her to sleep. With my first born i started at 4months, but dont know if i can hold out for so long!

Any thoughts?


Jolene - posted on 01/14/2011




Start now!

My day care kids that start day care earlier in their lives and have the sleep training here are much better toddlers about napping. I have 4 between the ages of 1- 2 years that get done with lunch, cleaned up, diapers changes and walk over to their mats and blankets to lay down. It is just the routine. They know the schedule.

Many times in the 24 years that I have run a day care in my home, parents will come early for appointments or what ever, They wait for their child to finish lunch and while they are visiting and waiting their child gets down, get those routine things done and walks over and lays down even though mom is right there. Moms are always SHOCKED to see this. I think the earlier the better they are at it.

My niece just had her first baby and asked what to do now that she was 3 months old it was taking her longer to rock her to sleep. I told her not to. Just lay her down at the normal nap time and she will soon learn it is sleep time. She looked at bit troubled at the thought. But her husband needs to get to sleep, (he starts work at 3 am) and not have the baby screaming because she was tired and not falling asleep. She called me the 3rd night and said, OK I am a believer. The 1st night she cried for 30 minutes the 2nd night 15 and tonight she just whimpered and went to sleep. I am so happy and so sad at the same time to know she doesn't need me to fall asleep.

I told her she will love that she can fall asleep on her own, when all her friends were complaining about their lack of sleep Due to their child sleep habits.


Elisabete - posted on 01/07/2011




Well, with 3 months you can extended their sleep on the night cutting little by little their bottle, starting have routine, every single day, routine for naps, routine for nigh night, with 4 months you can start increase their milk on the day, and start cut 1/2 ounces at night until you weaning the bottle. Some babies are very persistent, they will continue waking at the same like before, they just used to, as a Professional Baby Nurse, the cry it out is the most efficient method, they won't cry that much.
I call black, gray and white night, the first night is the worse, second much better and third day beautifully they will sleep the all night, for me it's a reward for the family.
Sometimes some babies just learn the gentle way too, it's really difficult to say, just asking some questions to the parent I can figure it out how bad is that habit.
As a professional I don't like to see the baby crying, but some families pay me for my services, and they so thankful for that.
Try to put the baby on schedule on 4 months for sure.
Qualities naps, it's mean good nights.
Good luck to all....
I love all the babies on the world!!!!!


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Catherine - posted on 01/13/2011




Mia. I started with my daughter at 5 weeks. I had the same routine for daytime naps and night sleep after a feed(with the exception of the early evening bath). I made sure she didn't fall asleep during a feed, then pulled the curtains / blind to darken the room and cuddled her before placing her in her cot, covering her and leaving her. The first few days she went into her cot almost asleep (putting her down didn't disturb her) and whispering that it was sleepy-time. The next few days I'd put her down a little bit earlier so she was a little bit more awake until by the time she was about 3 months old she was mostly awake when I put her in her cot.

Bear in mind though that this went out the window if she was poorly when she'd often just want to sleep in mummy's arms!

Until my neice was 8yo, she needed her mum to stay in her bedroom, stroking her temples until she fell asleep.

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I heard that 4 months is the absolute earliest as a baby has no way of learning to self soothe before that. I am starting at 5 months, which is in a couple of days.

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