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My almost 11 month old was exclusively breastfed until about a month ago, when my pedi brought to my attention that my babygirl is no longer on the growth chart. she is gaining and growing in length, just not quite as much as they'd like to see for her age. developmentally she is average or above - except in one area - sitting up. shes crawling, pulling to standing, saying 3 or more words, happy, bouncy, takes 2 good naps a day... she doesnt sleep well at all at night. we co-sleep and nurse "on cue." i wear her a lot so i thougt this might be why she's not sitting, plus she's busy chasing her older sibling (who was also a small baby, though she was a formula/bottle baby.) i am trying every food i can think of and she is really just not interested in anything except maybe foods she should NOT have at this age, like bread and ice cream, LOL. i love her and i want whats best for her, but i am also a little concerned. generally, i think mothers know best.. but i cant help but feel inadequate when so many people remark about my baby's size. she wont take bottle, sippy cup, formula, or breastmilk in either. she hates mushy baby food and cereal. she wont eat cooked fruits or veggies as finger foods.. she wont even take vitamins from a dropper! what do i do? am i alone here??


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Your daughter sounds just like mine was!!! We had major problems with getting her to eat and sleep. I know it very hard and dont doubt yourself as a mother, you can force them to eat! You are doing the right things it just takes time with some kids. My daughter didnt start eating solids properly til she was almost 18months and admitted to a clinic. A few things we tried was first off quality is better then quanity so if they are only going to put three bites in make them count. I used to make veggies into little cubes and give them to her just so she could feel them and if she put them in her mouth great but I didnt exspect her to. Also let her see you eating food and if she wants to try it give her a little taste( ok not some foods!!) I know it can be hard with the mess but just let her feel the foods and do it herself. If she doesnt like cooked fruit give it to her naturally, watermelon in little pieces,blueberries,strawberries,grapes cut in half, little sticks of apple,pear. Give her little pieces of cheese or yogurt, custards or jellies, rice crackers in little pieces, rice,pasta cut into little bits. Try some meats diced up really fine, even ham lunch meat. We found out that my daughter hated being feed by a spoon and had to be able to do it herself. Also if she isnt sleeping at night that can greatly effect her eating. Out daughter was still waking once a night for a feed and once we got her sleeping through the night her eating improved, she wasnt eating good cause she was tired and she wasnt sleeping good cause she was hungry so it just went round and round in circles. She is now two and yes does eat a good variety of foods but I dont think will ever be a kid that will eat a huge meal, just more littler ones. She is just under three feet tal and would now weigh maybe 20lbs, she was sick for a few days and losses weight very quickly so have to work on getting that back again! Just remember that they will get there in the end, you are doing all the right things as a mother because you are trying to get her to eat better, dont ever doubt that, some kids are meant to be small just keep offering it to her and one day she will figure it out

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