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Hello to all Iowa mothers!! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer-it sure went by fast! Do you have a 2-6 year old child? If so, I want to tell you a little about Little Kritters Soccer! With our busy lives, time is cut short to spend with our families. Little Kritters Soccer has a goal to help you be able to spend the time you have with your child actually being with them, instead of carpooling to another event on a Saturday. That is why Little Kritters comes to your daycares/preschools and does all of our sessions during the day, while you are at work. Are you a stay at home mom? Then let's make it a play date for your children with other stay at home moms.
The Little Kritters Soccer Program is an exciting and fun, soccer program for children ages 2 to 6.

The goal of the Little Kritters program is to provide a FUN holistic approach to the child’s educational, physical and communication development using soccer as the tool.

Nutritional- Children’s bodies between the ages of 2-6 are constantly growing and changing and this is why proper nutrition is vital in the development of the whole child. With childhood obesity on the rise, Little Kritters has developed a fun enrichment program in which the children can learn about proper nutrition and how it affects the body during exercise and daily activities.

Oral Hygiene- Oral Hygiene is a lifelong healthy habit that must be taught at an early age. Part of a healthy lifestyle includes taking care of your entire body taking care not to overlook the importance of maintaining the health of your mouth. Each week the importance of oral hygiene is stressed to the children throughout the course of the session. Every child will be feeling better and leaving with a smile on his or her face after the reinforced confidence of taking care of your mouth!

Educational – The Little Kritters program has many activities that begin with the children counting or singing their ABC’s. Simple math may also be used as part of an activity.

Physical - Fine motor skills are developed and enhanced through soccer and warm up activities (dribbling skills, balancing, hopping, jumping, skipping and dancing). With child obesity being a major problem in the USA, engaging your children in physical activity at a young age is a good first step in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Social/Communication Skills – The children learn through the activities to be part of a group (team). They learn that competing is fun as long as there are no losers, just winners. They also learn that falling down is ok and that it does not always hurt, and that you should pick yourself up and carry on. The children also learn to work with others in a group setting.

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