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We are a group of Mom's whom live in Chester County, PA looking for Moms in PA, DE and MD to hang out with and have play dates with and to generally have a good time. We are looking for Mom's whom are serious about finding new friends and are looking to build solid friendships with them. We are looking at having weekly/biweekly (maybe have wed as designated dates that everyone knows where someone will be, like the mall?) playdates, rotating at different Mom's houses or parks in nice weather. We know its not possible to make every playdate, and certainly not expected! What we are looking for are FRIENDS first, who wont drop off the face of the earth, that are at least honest and dependable, even if not always available. This isn't a group that should make you feel "obligated to attend", but rather a group of moms similar to yourself, who understand that with kids..."things come up", but are still there for each other and can turn to each other whenever and wherever! The true girlfriend types. The ones to help if you need a babysitter, bring meals and help out when the latest addition is born, run errands at times of need and to generally be the sounding board for all your woes without criticism. We would also like to attempt to do a monthly "field trip", meeting up at Chuck e Cheese, or the Zoo, or Please Touch Museum. Some family's have seasonal passes and can bring guests along....and are looking to get their moneys worth of the passes! If you would like to be a part of this group please join.


Let's get together!

Hello Ladies! I know I have been vacant from our little group for awhile but I am finally back on top of things, feelin better and would love to get this group going! I really...

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