For all of the moms, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, and best friends around the world who've battled breast cancer, we're honored this month to help raise awareness of the fight against the disease by sharing our mom bloggers' personal stories here. Help us spread the word by sharing these stories with your friends, and by sharing your own story on Twitter #MomsOnBreastCancer.


Deciding for Myself

All the recommendations on screenings for breast cancer. Who should, when, why. I sat down with my doctors and we... More


Unable to Pray

In a matter of moments, the still, quiet corridor turned Doorway to Divinity, emphatic choruses flooding the... More


For Fran . . .

Within the FIAR family is a kind, devoted momma, named Fran. When Fran joined the family, she was beginning to... More

Julie Nowell


Crap – you have to be kidding me. You know when things are chugging along, busy, hectic and good, lots and lots of... More