Fave A Day: Ragú’s New Smartphone App

Have you seen those adorably hilarious Ragú commercials that call for a warm plate of Ragú-covered pasta following a “long day of childhood?” They’re laugh-out-loud funny, and feature scenes like an 8-year-old walking in on his parents during a private moment, a girl asking her dad why her hamster’s fur is suddenly a different color and–my personal favorite–the “Charlie Bit Me” kid. As a hilarious jingle about the trials and tribulations of childhood plays, all is cured with a steaming plate of Ragú. Definitely geared toward giving a burned-out parent a good laugh, rather than competing with other pasta sauces over who has the most vegetables per ounce. Sometimes, you just want a chuckle. It’s a genius way to spice up an old-school product that’s been around for years. Now, Ragú is letting us parents in on the action with the launch of their new smartphone app, aptly called “Give ‘Em Ragu.” The app, which is accessible through Facebook, iTunes and Android, allows you to upload your own photos and videos, then writes a “custom” jingle to go along with it, creating a personalized Ragú promo spot just for you!

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