South African Mommy's

HOWZIT! This is a community for South African Mommy's, living in SA or abroad... where we can share our own stories, give and get advice, make new friendships and get to know one another and our kids a lot better.


We're HOME!

Hello SA Mommy's!! After spending nearly 2 years in the USA, we have safely returned to good old South Africa! All I can say in a nutshell to people who question our return is...


Reflux, Terrible Sleeper

Hi all, I live in Cape Town, I have a 3 and a half month old boy who has been a terrible sleeper since he was born, the nurses in the hospital couldn't understand why this...


Professional Photos

Good morning Ladies! My brother is a professional photographer and I think some of you would be interested in this. I'm almost 7 months preggie and he's doing my maternity...


Upcoming Elections

What is the general feeling in South Africa about the upcoming Elections? We don't hear too much World news in America, so feeling very left out....


Boere medicines & homemade fixes

Hi all, even though I have moved to the UK, I still try and use all old homemade fixes like our Ouma's used to use. Brought both my kids up using it, like medicinal olive oil...


I want to work from home

I am a single mom and want to work from home. Are there any moms who are working from home. i am looking for something that is legite with no start up fees. Can anybody give me...


Pneumonia and Prevenar link-up?

I was just wondering if any other mothers are having problems with their children in terms of lung related problems? My problems started when Mia was 6 months old, and she...



Hi All I'm new. My little girl Kaitlin was born on 24 July 2008. Great to find this site. Hope more SA mommy's join. Lauren



Hi All I am new to the community. My name is Colleen and I am 27. I have a beautiful 15 month old little girl and am pregnant with my second little girl. We are due 1 March,...


Getting to know our babies...

To kick-start this Community, perhaps I could ask if you would share some information:- Baby / Child Name: Date of Birth: Birth Weight: Labour Story: Current Problems /...



My name i Mpumi, it is a pleasure joining the group. I have two children one 5 years old and the other 8 months, both are girls.


Happy New Year!

Hello Moms! I\'ve just returned to Wisconsin from a 3 week holiday in Cape Town! It was so stunning and the weather was awesome. My poor husband, Warren, had to drag me to the...