Southeast Iowa Mommies

This is a community for moms of southeast Iowa to commuticate their thoughts without worry. Southeast Iowa is different. We deal with flooding to farming to big city problems in a small area.


Is this group still active?

I am looking for a group for moms around Iowa City and came across this one but doesn't look like anyone posts on it. If it is still active and there are moms around IC please...


Hey Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I joined circle of moms a while back but have just really started to use it.. I am looking for some community playgroups. We are from the Iowa City area but have...


Recent news!

Has everyone heard about the teenager that drown this week in Columbus Junction? What is your opinion on let your children swim in a river at night? Personal I would never let...



Welcome to the Southeast Iowa Mommies Community! My name is Deanna. I am a mother of two. I have lived my whole life in Southeast Iowa. Here we experience life differently than...