Southern Missouri Mommies

For anyone that lives in the southern part of missouri, most specifically the central (springfield vicinity) part of the area. This is meant to be a place to vent, ask advice and get to know some of our fellow southern missourians.



i am wondering if there are any younger mothers in this group! im 19 and i live in mt vernon! even if u arent close to my age hello!


Tell us about yourself

Welcome to the group, those of you that I see are new. I'm sorry we don't seem to be a lively bunch, but hopefully we'll get around that :P . I am still new to running a group,...



Hi! thanks for joining. we're apparently not a very lively group, but hopefully we'll get some more people in here and we can get some correspondance going. glad to have you :)


Welcome to the group!

Hi, my name is Kari and I started this group mainly because I don't really know many moms in my area. I live just outside of monett, and have only been here for about 6 years. I...