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Spa and Salon Treatments

If I had my dream job, it would be owning a spa. This community is to discuss anything related to spas and salons, ask questions, or post comments. I am also interested to hear of new trends and treatments, and how everyone else makes the most of their trips to a spa, seeing as they are expensive and we don't get to do them everyday!


Vaginal Steaming I guess it is not necessarily "new", but the spas I have frequented never offered it until recently one did and I was like "WTF"? So has anyone ever heard of "Vaginal...


In the Sauna - Sauna Etiquette

If you are the only one in the Sauna, do you still wear a towel or take your towel off? What if you are in the Sauna with your towel off and someone walks you wrap...


Spa 2019

So what is everyone's spa goals for the year 2019? Trying something new? Sticking with something old? Just going to go more?


Spa Spanking

This may not be as odd or uncommon as you might don't write it off by the title...but has anyone every had a "spanking" at a spa? By that, one or two ways... 1) The...


Oops moments at the Spa...

Has anyone ever had what I call an "oops" moment at the spa...someone walked in on you unexpected, you thought you were alone and you weren't, or awkward moments with the spa...


Swedish Massage - State of Dress

When you get a Swedish Massage (full body) you leave the bra and panties on or do you take it all off? What is your comfortable state of undress during a Swedish Massage?


Have you ever...

OK...since I am horny tonight and most everyone is posting about masturbation, I thought I'd throw in my own - Who has masturbated while at a spa? What was the circumstances?...



Of all the massages offered (Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Thai, Reiki, etc., ) which is your favorite and why?


Spring Spa Treatments

Sorry I haven't had time to be on as much to keep this Community my topic today is: What are some of the pampering you will do for yourself at the spa, now that...


Pedicure / Manicure

When you go to the spa for a pedicure, do you do a manicure at the same time? or do you just do one or the other?