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special needs and school..

School can be a challenge for kids w/special needs.So the schools come up with IEP's ,504's,health care plans,behavior plans..etc,to supposedly meet the child's needs.HOWEVER schools can be frustrating to deal with...As parents we often end up "fighting" with the school for our kids needs to be met.The meetings are often long and sometimes confusing. Are you having "issues" with school?I guarantee you are NOT alone! This is a place to vent and share resources and ideas that have been helpful.Also a place to share back to school,transition and homework ideas... I have been dealing with the schools for over 10 years now and it amazes me the stuff that they sometimes do,or the things they say. I have gone to what seems like thousands of IEP's,BIP and HCP meetings It is sometimes easier to get services for children that have a obvious disability.The ones that do not have "severe disability's" often get over looked or labeled as a "behavior problem" My oldest has a NVLD(not obviously "disabled"),my youngest does have a obvious disability...So I have seen the difference in how the school treats NVLD compared to "physical disability's" I have 3 children(ages 19,11 and 10),My oldest has Aspergers,type 1 diabetes,ADD,celiac,ODD..My youngest has classic autism,(primarily non-verbal),type 1 diabetes,seizures,sensory,SIB,ADHD...He is currently in the "ASD","severe needs" program at school.


504 plan

school pscologist test my daughter and is a slow learner, he send her with a assement test for me to fill out what she can do at home than i send it back .once in the meeting he...


info on 504's

Here are a few places that explain 504's,what they are used for and how your child is protected by them for medical issues:


aids and services under IDEA

Under IDEA the school HAS to provide supplementary aids and services (at no cost to the parents)that are in the child's IEP. This includes things like ~provision of para...


transition back to school from Break

My kids go back to school Aug 15th,hooray!! What things have you done that were helpful for the transition back to school? Things that have helped my children in the past were:...