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A site to unite families (moms, siblings, aunts\, uncles...) who have /know a special needs child in BC. We, as a group, have limited resources to combat unlimited barriers and boundaries. To basically break new ground for our children to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives within our communities. So please post, participate, support or just share and connect. Post as often as much as you can, what you have to offer could be invaluable to someone out there. Ideas for posts: - Share your story, diagnosis and the community you are located in. Will enable others with similar stories or within your community to connect with you. - Share outcomes from dealing with government bodies to educate other parents on what resources are out there - Share store names for toys and equipment sources for special needs children and adults - Share therapies, alternative treatments and approaches - Offer support and ideas to others as they post - Pass on the knowledge of this resource so we continue to build a bigger community Any feedbacks on this community or suggestions for improvements or just general thoughts are welcome.



If you struggle with bathing your special needs child and want options that are not too big, I found bath seats are a great option. They let the child sit somewhat supported and...


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

We have tried about 9 treatments of the hyperbaric chamber and are not too sure of what the success rate is. Dianni has been more alert cognitively but her mobility has not...