speech and langage disorder with behaviour problems

my son has speech and langage disorder which means that in his head when he says somthing it dosent come out like that it comes out all la bla la bla , he know what he is trying to say but there is a wrong conetion between his brain and his mouth this has lead to very disturbingly bad behaviour due to sheer frustration and it kills me i can do nothing to change this i have however nagged all gps.hospitals.speech theropist and health visiters thank god for sine now we are using sine we can comunicate even tho a mother always knows what there child wants it now wonderful that every one else dose and all we did was get a book from the libury sit down and go though it together but now found somthing even better mr tubble if i ever meet him i will thank him for bring out the best in my boy for all mums going though the same thing get in touch and hang on in there your not alone x