Spiritually Empowered Women

WELCOME!!!! This is a group for women who are looking to empower themselves and raise empowered and accountable children. We will offer support and a Spiritual perspective to get you right with yourself and those around you. We foster spiritual awareness, accountability, sustainability and the power of women as a sisterhood and community. All designed to help you create a peaceful, committed and accountable life for you and your family. This Group is facilitated by Spiritual teacher/Interfaith minister and Medium Clairvoyant Marianne Goldweber All spiritual paths welcomed, honored and respected.


Spiritual leadeship

My Little Gandhi Through my Personal and Spiritual awakening, I had a little shadow. He is my son. It's interesting how becoming a parent changes your awareness. It...


Welcome introductions and guidelines

Welcome everyone!!! I believe that women are the breast from which everyone drinks...so taking care of ourselves, physically, emotionally and Spiritually is mandatory if we want...


Becoming empowered

I need to learn how to become so much more empowered then I am. It's very difficult to think of me first and what makes me happy. I just turned 50 and my children are grown....