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i have 4 year old boy, since he is a boy. i want to put him in some sport to kept him busy and have fun at same time. But i not sure which one is right for him. How will i able to find what is right sport for him for the first time? Any ideas?


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I allow my boys to try everything until they find one that they really enjoy..Last year we tried wrestling and this year we are trying football and soccer.. with college tuition continually going up I am hoping that my boys will be able to get some sort of help through academics and athletics. I know it is still really early but we live in the suburbs and if my children dont play in little leagues they will have a much harder time in high school. My best advice is to let your child try things and see what they like or excel at and dont pressure them or over exert them. One of the cheaper sports I have found for us was rodeo and my boys love it - they could start at age 3 with easier things and work their way up. As far as ideas for what may be rigt for him, think about his personality...If he plays better by himself try individual things such as karate, wrestling, rodeo...If you think he'll do better in a team setting - try footbal or soccer:)

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At this age, he should try EVERYTHING!! Try a intro to sports class, where he can try many different sports. Also, gymnastics is great at this age, as they work on perfecting their large motor skills and work on balance, that will help with any sport. I don't think little ones get anything out of team sports yet, they can learn to kick a ball, hit a ball, etc... but plays, postions, etc... is beyond their understanding. So, individual sports are easier for them to comprehend at this age. A quick game of soccer after working on passing skills is great too.

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I have 2 kids a boy and a girl with another on the way. I was very athletic when i was younger my husband played sports also but not like me. I was always into something. I think the DVD is a good idea kids might see something on there that they would like to try. I personally think its up to the child and how much interest they have in something. My daughter just turned 5 and this is her first year in T-ball she played soccer last fall but really didnt seem to get into it as much as she has T-Ball so i think we will stick with this. She has a lot of fun with and it teaches them team work. My step son is 7 and he has been playing ball since he was 4 hes not what you would call athletic but he likes it he gets out there and plays. I like how it gets them out of the house and moving. I will never push them to play something if they dont want to but I think its good educate them on whats out there.

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Try signing him up for some local recreation center sports that only run for a few weeks. Each season pick a different sport until he is old enough to choose one he really likes. If you start them early they will continue on the path of healthy living. All of my children took swimmnig lesson once a year, then another sport in the winter. My 17 has been figure skating since since she was 6. My 14 has been playing football since he was 9. They are 17 and 14 respectfully.

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