Stay at Home mom complaints

Gripe about Husband or Boyfriend? Kids making you nuts? Vent your frustrations with other moms who understand. Maybe get some good advice too!


Stay at Home Dad

My husband and I had an agreement that when our son was old enough to go to school, he would find a job and go back to work. That's been three years. I haven't complained...


not a perfect SAHM

I am not the perfect stay at home mom but i'm trying... my husbands biggest complaint is that the house isn't always clean... We have 3kids....5...2.. and 16weeks... I have been...


about me

I'm about to turn 27 in June. I live with my boyfriend who is the father of my sons. No we are not married but we might as well be. My boys are about to turn 3 and 4 months old....



I hope everyone can find this group useful. We all love our kids and significant others but boy sometimes you just want to send them to outer space. I understand. Daddy gave the...