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Stay at home mommies in Texas

Stay at home mommies in Spring and surrounding areas in Texas


Hello I'm New

Hey I just wanted to introduce myself I am Lisa mom of two boys Hunter who is 2 and Dillan who is 7 weeks. I am currently staying home with them and just trying to find as many...


Mommy Night Out?

Would anyone be interested in participating in a Mommy Night Out? maybe make it a monthly thing? I am new to the area and while I love my children, I would to meet other...


Toddler groups in Spring, TX

Hello - I am looking for a local playgroup in Spring. I live about 5 miles east of the 45 off of Cypresswood, but I am willing to drive up to 30 minutes away. My daughter is 18...


Ever Feel like the only one?

I am of course a stay at home mom and I love to play with my kids. There are not many kid activities in my small town for children under 3, and the closest big town is dallas or...



This is my first time on here. I live here in Texas with my 3 kids and i hope i will get the hang of this.


Stay at home Jobs

Hi Ladies! I'm a stay at home mom, who recently started using Melaleuca products. If any of you are interested in selling or using the products contact mel!


New to Texas!

I recently made the big move from Chicago Il, where both my husband and I were born and raised. We are currently liviing in RoundRock just outside of Austin, and I am loving it...


Working from home

Hey everyone, I am the admin for the group. I live in Spring, Texas which is north of Houston. I have 3 kids and I have been happily married for 17 years! I wanted to share...


Good afternoon!

Hi everyone. You are receiving this message because you are a part of my SAHM in Texas group! I will be sending out a message 2 or 3 times a week. Feel free to post anytime and...


Moms Connection?

I was just wondering if anyone in the Richardson/Dallas area was a part of the Moms Connection group. I just signed up yesterday and thought I would see if there were any...


back to school - save money

Hello! I can believe it's that time already. I live in Southern CA and the kids are going back next week. eeek - Where did summer go? I had to post this for everyone heading...