10 month old driving me crazy!

Madelynkibbe - posted on 06/12/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




MY 10 month old is seriously driving me insane! She’s always been a very trying baby, super clingy, won’t let me set her down for a second, will not play by herself for longer than 5 seconds, is a horrible sleeper, and recently started biting and throwing full fledged tantrums. I don’t know what to do! She hits and scratches and pinches and bites... I feel like the worlds worst Mom because a she drives me so crazy I’ve ended IOC yelling and snapping st her. SHEs a baby for cryin it loud, but I just am losing my mind. Help!


Michelle - posted on 06/14/2018




You need to be consistent in letting her know that her acting out is not okay. Since she is so young, telling her won't help as she doesn't understand the real meaning of NO.
Try holding her hands (when she hits) and say no firmly while leading her hands to something else. You need to be able to have something to turn her attention to.
In regards to her not letting you put her down or playing on her own for long, you need to teach her. What do you do when she starts fussing? If you go to her straight away, of course she will always make a fuss.
You need to put her down, make sure you are within sight of her but DON'T pick her up. You can go over to her and give her another toy or something but she needs to learn that you won't just leave her. The longer you can go without picking her up the better. Still let her know you are there.
Do you have anyone that can take over for a few hours and give you a break? Even if it's to go and have a coffee with a friend. Get out of the house on your own. You are allowed to have some you time.

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