10 month old schedule?

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What do you all do with your 10 month old kiddos? My daughter is 10.5 months and she is very active. Loves to scale furniture, bite her toys to soothe her gums, read books, etc. I haven't bought her any 10 month old toys and she's getting tired of her music table. I stay home with her all day. Just wondering what type of routine you all have going with your own kids. I'm finding that I'm bored at times as is she. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Erin - posted on 05/03/2010




When my dd was that age we definitely had a daily activity outside of the house (otherwise Mommy would go stircrazy), we did swimming lessons, music classes, playdates, early learning centre and a day for grocery shopping and errands. Mommy groups are also great for helping you meet other people with kids the same age and organizing activities (I found my group on meetup.com). Sure we played with toys but that wasn`t the main focus of our days, exploring the world and learning about different environments and socializing were and are the focus.

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I did this then and still do this to this day. I put an excess of toys away in a box that kids can't get to, usually toys that they don't play with anymore. Bring them out two months or more later, and they seem bran new to the toddlers all over again, even if they are for a younger age (as long as they aren't for infants, they are still a big hit all over again). We go to the park as often as possible or as much as I can handle with my day to day stuff. Toddlers love to run in circles around things, so make it a game to run around a couple of trees, or play equipment you have outside. My son loves to use our hall way to run circles around the house, it usually goes on for 30 min or so before he is done. Of coarse I am joining in with him, and his dad does too when he is home from work. When I am bissy he either finds something to do or even plays with our dog, his laughter encourages her and she is very gentle with him (but only because I taught her to be that way, she wasn't when we first got her). Funny enough the hardest part with the dog was getting her to understand his dad was playing with him not hurting him, she would jump in wanting to protect him for a long time, but she understands now. We like to arrange all his toys when he goes to bed, so that every little truck ect is perfectly lined up and organized when he gets up, that's his favorite part in the morning. He is always so amazed at all the toys grouped up in like catagories and lined up ready to go, he doesn't make a mess with them for hours, he is always really careful wanting to look and play with all of them. With his activity table I repeat what it says when he pushes a button, he thinks that's hallarious and keeps doing it for a while. Repeating is very important for him to master the language, so we do lots of it all day. Babies and toddlers love facial expressions and exagurations so just go totally silly and you will have them distracted from everything and rolling with laughter, even put your body into it, be extemely dramatic. The more dramatic, the funnier it is to them. You just have to break the days up with different stuff and when they get used to what you do bring out the box of toys you put away, they will be occupied all over again and you didn't have to go buy a thing.

Laura - posted on 05/03/2010




hi i have a son whom is the same age and i feel the same way you do.We do the same activities from day to day.i have purchased toys for his age but he gets tired of them too.

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