10 yr old going on 20!

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yes..it is as crazy as those who have read the question/statement. Seems i dont have any friends who are going through wht i am with my 10 yr old. In the last yr my son and myself have went through many changes and together we seemed to have talked more in he last few mths and gotten alot closer but, lately clams up when im tryn to talk to him..i dont know if its me or if i am just being paranoid..but, its to the point now that he will not talk about how he feels and claims to know and understand..when i know hes only 10 and yet thinks he knows what i am tryn to explain when i have not even got two wrds out of my mouth. Mayb its that his developing his own opinion or that he sees me as mom and not dad and thinks dad explains it better. He has a great dad but like his father...sometimes would rather just say he gets it when he really doesnt...i dont know if im pushing too hard or not enough..and i have sympathized on all the changes hes facing ..i just wish i could get inside his head and know wht hes thinking sometimes.


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I understand completly...I have a daughter who is 11 years old and she just turned it...but she doesn't want to talk to me...and if she does it is like she is always right it is like she has to have the last word and everything is wrong when I try to tell her...It sometimes feels like I am head butting against a brick wall and I am not breaking through to her...It is difficult all my friends don't have any advice cause so far I have the oldest child..So what I am doing is when she clams up is to press my point or I do a little child pschology with her..And still try to be patient and eventually they will break down...I too have sat her down on more than one occasion and try to talk to her about her tude and feelings lol...And trust me I too try to get inside her head...I guess it is just the age that they are at and I guess they feel that they are the only ones going thru it when we have already done that.. lol What do they think that we are born grown lol and good luck

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