11 month old not standing nor crawling, not even trying to

Nayuribe - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i know each baby does things at their own pace, but Alana doesn't really use her legs. where i live we get free health care (thank god!) and the doctor said she's just a "late bloomer". but i can't shake the feeling that something's wrong off! i already made an appointment to take her to a private pediatrician, i hope he listens to me and has more convincing answers.


Kellie - posted on 04/09/2010




I wouldn't worry too much right now. My twin sister was almost 15 months before she started crawling even though I started walking at 10 months. It was like that between our daughters too. Her daughter is 4 months older than mine, but my daughter starting walking at 7 months when hers wasn't even crawling yet. Plus I just talked to a friend yesterday that said her daughter was finally trying to crawl and she had just turned 1.


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Bethany - posted on 04/18/2010




Charlotte is 14 mths. She didn't bear any weight on her legs until 7 mths. She has never crawled. She shuffles about on her bottom. She has just this month started to walk along furtiture and walk between us.

But go with your gut. see an expert, then when people make comments, you can say "the Pedi thinks she's fine", or you can start helping her if advised.

Kelly - posted on 04/17/2010




Hi Nayuribe I am going through the same thing with my son Hunter who is 7 months he has to have physical therapy too for weak muscles in his upper body due to a condition he has. PT is 3x a week i also have a 6 year old that has school, soccer practice, and many other things, i also have a house to clean and dinner to cook it gets very stressful and sometimes you just cry cuz you just dont know what to do, but moms are the rock of the family and we get things done lol. So I know the stress you are feeling and the time crunch. Good luck with her and it does pay off in the end.

Bethanie - posted on 04/17/2010




Hmm, well, I'm glad you got your second opinion, but I still think physical therapy seems a bit extreme for an 11 month old. Crawling isn't even considered a "milestone". My son didn't pull himself up or crawl until 12 months (and I CONSTANTLY worked with him on this) and walked at 13 months. He is now 22 months and walks/runs/climbs like any other kid! He was a bigger baby and I think got too used to us just picking him up and not making him try more. The only thing he has some difficulty with now is stairs and stepping down off of curbs without a hand to hold.

Nayuribe - posted on 04/17/2010




well, got our second opinion today. just as i feard: Alana DOES need phisical therapy, something to do with her muscles not being as strong as they should be. now we have to find THE BEST phisical therapist for kids in the area. good thing the pediatrician has been "around the block" a few times, so he's providing us with names and numbers. so, new delema: how do i split my time more?!?!?! two kids and a house to keep tidy! i guess that along with spending money on ph. therapy for alana, we'll have to spend on a maid.

Vanessa - posted on 04/12/2010




My first daughter has a mild form of CP, luckily it was diagnosed early (6mths)...I know from all the stuff we went through and all the research I did that it is very very common for children with developmental delays or disabilities to be diagnosed late, around the age of 2, because most doctors like to wait and see if the child is a late bloomer, unfortunatly this puts children at a disadvantage because children have wonderful brains and up to the age of 5 there brains can be rewired (so to speak) with therapy and many children can overcome much of there disability. My daughter for example, we were told at 6 months that she probably wouldn't walk, by 16 mths she was walking, now she is 6 and she skates, dances, swims, plays soccer......we went through alot of therapy 3 times a week since she was 7 months , as time went on it went to once a month...now to look at her you mostly can't even tell ! I thank my doctors for taking my concerns seriously and getting her in for testing and therapy right away...we owe Emma's quick progress to our doctors quick action.
I don't say this to make you worry, just to point out how important it is to listen to your instincts, and if your doctor isn't taking action and you think they should, find another doctor. You will lose nothing by getting another opinion, and you can only gain help if there is a diagnoses. Good luck :)

Nayuribe - posted on 04/11/2010




thank you soooooo much girls!!!! i feel much better now, i feel good about the decition about a second opinion, and to answer some of your questions, no, she's not too chubby and yes, she works for what she wants, and i also encourage her to try different ways of moving around, and yes, she does kick her legs when she's in her high chair or in the car seat.
her appointment is next saturday, I WILL let you guys know about what the doc said.

Kristin - posted on 04/09/2010




Absolutely get your second opinion. How did she do with the other milestones? Is she sitting and rolling? Is she spending time on her tummy? Do you show her how to get her legs up under her body? Does she rock when she's up like that? Does she try to get favorite toys that are just out of reach? Does someone just move her when she wants to go? It's one thing if she's bordering on hysterical, but a little frustration isn't going to hurt her when she wants to get someplace.

You can gently work with her on these things, but she may just be busy with other stuff too. Hope it turns out to be nothing.

Kara - posted on 04/09/2010




Dear Nayuribe, I am sure you are very worried and I agree you should take her to a private pediatrician as it is better to be safe then sorry. However, I am sure she is just fine and as the other doc said a "late bloomer." I took care of a little boy who didn't even scoot until he was 18 months old and finally began crawling at 20 months. He took his first steps only days before he turned 2. If there are other factors that are concerning you be sure to voice them LOUDLY at the private doc appointment. Does she kick her legs out when she is sitting in a car seat or high chair? Does she flinch when you tickle her feet? Is she chubby and maybe its just harder for her to do those things (that was part of it with the little boy I watched) or are her legs really lifeless? I wish you the best and hope you will keep me posted as to her outcome. Sincerely, Kara

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