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Katherine - posted on 05/17/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




ive just been told my lil man has acid reflux just wonderd if any one new any thing about it any advice wolud be great


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Kim - posted on 05/18/2010




If you are breastfeeding try cutting dairy from your diet.

Infant car seats have a great angle to help with reflux and they keep them from sliding sideways. Keep him at a 45 degree angle or better for the first 30 minutes after each feeding. My niece had a severe case and even stopped breathing a couple of times(very rare). The remedy was keeping her at a 45 all day every day.

Imagine your stomach is like a coke bottle half full. There is supposed to be a muscle at the top to close the hole so nothing spills out. With reflux, the muscle in not yet strong enough to completely seal the liquid in so when he lies down, it just spills out (with a little more force).

If the angle doesn't make it better, you might want to ask your doctor about adding rice cereal to the bottle to 'thicken it up' a bit, that might help it to stay down.

They do out grow this! As bad as my niece was, she was done with it by 5 months for sure, maybe 4.

God bless

Becky - posted on 05/18/2010




We are going through this with my daughter. Keep him sitting up up 15-20 min after you fed him- swing, bouncer, anything, Also try cutting back the amount of food he is taking. My daughter was drinking 5 oz. and my mom told me only give her 4 oz. That helped a lot out! Yes you have to feed them sooner and more often but my husband and I both agreed that it was worth it not to have her throwing up everywhere. Also we changed her formula to a soy base formula. Good Luck

Danielle - posted on 05/17/2010




My daughter had it too. They put her on Zantac but it didn't help with her throwing up all the time but it seemed to make it not burn her throat as much. I was nervous giving her the med at first and only did it for a few months. Lots of laundry to do. She's almost 9 months now and it's getting a lot better so there is hope!

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