13 month old plays with his genitals

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Hi Everyone, I'm a new mom to a 13 month old little guy. He recently discovered his penis and has been playing with it often, especially during bath time and diaper changes. I'm not worried about his new discovery much but am a bit concerned about him doing so during diaper changes. My concern is that I will not get him clean enough where he may get sick by accidentally exposing himself to germs. I try and wipe him up quickly and thoroughly but there are times when he gets to it before I can. I always wash up his hands but am wondering if anyone else experienced this and how they handled. it. Thanks for the advice.


Chet - posted on 08/14/2013




Urine is normally sterile and any bacteria from feces came out of him so he's already colonised with those. Your own e coli don't make you sick. Other strains that you pick up from other people or animals make you sick. Hand washing is a very good habit to instil though. Keep washing his hands to encourage good hygiene, but you don't need to worry that this is going to make him sick.

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