15 month old has started tantrum thowing and hitting others. Please help!


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I think most kids go through that stage at this age. I have 2 little ones, and they did the exact same. With the tantrum throwing, just ignore them. If you are in a public place just pick them up and leave. At home I would just leave them to scream it out wherever they were and go in the other room so I didn't have to hear it. Eventually they calm down and they grow out of it. With the hitting, you just keep telling them no, don't slap their hand because then it sends a mixed message. Like Sencea Hadorn said, tell them it gives the other child an owie and when they get an owie, use the same word and that way she associates owie with her pain and others'.

Leea - posted on 11/09/2009




hey i went through the hittiing and i also had bitting, a friend of myne told me she was teething, n she was right, i ignored her and also gave her time out. for a minute for every year old she is. and so far most times out have ended in her not doing it again. also if u go to a play group or kindie etc let the mums know so that u can be told if it happens and u can nip it in the butt before it gets to out of control.

Sencea - posted on 11/09/2009




Just be consistent with telling her its not ok. Make a sad face when you talk about it so she understands it makes people sad and hurt to be hit.Tell her it makes them OWIE ans make sure you use the word owie when she gets hurt. That way she associates her owies with hitting others and pain. Please dont spank or slap her hand. Thats just confusing to a young one. Consistency works best with toddlers. Soon time outs will work as long as you give a warning and also explain whty they were ther when the time out is done. My son is 18 mos and we are doing time outs in his crib and he actually understands. Just make sure you warn and explain. He even gives hugs when its over to say sorry.

Look forward to hearing from you again. Hope this works for you

Cara - posted on 11/09/2009




A big part of it is there age all kids go through this. Try sitting them down in time out untl they are done throughing the fit. And set them in time out when they hit. It's worked well for me with two little ones.

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