16 month old and 4 weeks pregnant

Lauren - posted on 04/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




hi, i'm 20 with a 16 month old and am around 4 weeks pregnant. i've been having pain in my stomach. the out of hours doctor said that it could be the embryo implanting itself in my womb, a phantom period or an early miscarriage (praying it's not). also having horrible backache (similar to what i get when i'm due on my period) and have been told to take it easy over the next couple of days. how can i when my 16 month old is the clingiest, whingiest little man i've ever known!!!!! i can't wait til 7:00pm when he goes to bed!!!!!! not sure how i'm gonna stop the clinginess and jealousy before the baby is born :-/ supposed to be chilling out and taking it easy but it's near on impossible!!!!! gonna get oh to make me a cuppa and run me a bath later.. i think i'll need it. today has been a rough day :'( making me worry how i'm gonna cope with a 2 year old and a new baby when my oh goes back to work :-/


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Penny - posted on 04/10/2010




i had these cramps, the DR's thought it may have bin ectopic, but i still had to work while waiting for scan appt to see. and i had a very active job, always havin to rush and literally run sometimes. it turned out he was fine. jus wanted to try and give u a possitive flip to tink about x

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first 2 were 18 months a part..I was 22 and single...

I know the feeling of the cramps and so on..Just try to take it easy..relax as much as you can and in a couple months when its safe to do so just go out and wlak and enjoy your baby.....go swimming!!

As for when the baby comes ..All I can say is It was easy...As for jealousy well that is where your attitude comes into play...your first needs to know he may have to wait for things as in your attention but you must verbalize with him..you will need to do that with the baby too....When you son needs you and the baby is crying tell the baby to hold on your brother needs mommy for a min..this lets the brother know he means something and is not forgotten....let your son get diapers,help bathe,dress and play with the baby while you do dishes or get dressed and make sure you praise him for those little things....He needs to be a part of the whole thing..let him talk to your belly,rub your belly,paint your belly...let him be there right after the baby is born and be the 2nd to hold him or her...he must be included with everything....I had 4 in 6.5 yrs and it went great..no jealousy what so ever...

Lauren - posted on 04/10/2010




Thankyou Thelma!!! My mum lives about 45 minutes away, we're not very close and she doesn't know about the baby yet. None of my family do, don't think they're gonna be very happy about it too so that's also stressing me out. Daycare is a good idea, might find out about prices!!! Just think that he's been an extra pain in the bum today, and I'm in pain so just getting on top of me. He really is a manipulator, very clever at getting his own way. Trying so hard to get him out of this habit before the new baby comes. Thanks for your sympathies though!!

Thelma - posted on 04/10/2010




Wish I lives around the block to help you and make you that tea, sweetie!!! Can't your Mom or grandma come to visit for a week or two to help? I would recommend to take him to a daycare for only two hours a day to have me time! You should start now that when the new baby is there it's routine. Also by the time baby arrive he will be over two years and much more mature. Teach him to play on his own, or when you busy with something he must find something to do in such a way that he doesn't feel abandoned. Also little "people" are great manupulators. You have 8 months to prepare him. Take baths and insist alone! You need that me time! Good luck, my heart is bleeding for you. Wish truely I could help more!!!

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