16 year old son wont go to school due to bullying all his life

Andrea - posted on 08/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im a single mom 3 years now,my son refuses to go to school i took him out of school he was in due to him being assaulted by gang members and fear for his safety.He has adhd mood disorder social anxiety.i had him in counciling all his life due to school related bullying.I always told him tell the teachers well that backfired because now is labeled a rat.
I put him in a toutering program which was only 2 hours a day.He stayed back for second time and has given up.All he wants to do is write music and rap.He thinks he can do what ever he wants when i take things away he explodes,hes a big boy so im nervous he will get so out of control it may turn violent.His dad is no help especially when my son has a total bad attitude his mouth is a swear word every time he opens his mouth,I have gone as far as doing so much to even do online high school but is on a waiting list,hes refusing to look for a job part time.Hes heading down the wrong road.Refuses to go to counseling.He stays in his room on his phone thats his dad pays for and refuses to have it shut off.its a problem hes addicted to his phone,looking at rap videos all negative.I have no family to help and anyone who trys to talk to him it goes in one ear and out the other.I am disabled and dont know what to do.im depressed and dont even like him at this point.Im angry sad and very disapointed in his behavior and lack of respect for me.The one who has done everything for him as far as doctors school dentist eye doctors.please help!


Rebecca - posted on 08/29/2014




Bullying is a big problem at a lot of schools. My daughter is going to seventh grade and I don't even know if I should let her stay at her previous school or transfer her to another school. I took away my daughter's laptop once a year ago when she had bad grades on her report card, and she burst into tears and said it was unfair. I remember when back in the beginning of sixth grade, she won't even walk to school alone so I was forced to walk to school with her. Good luck.

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