18 month old clingy and fussy

Stephanie - posted on 06/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My daughter is 18 months old and has started to be somewhat defiant. She doesn't listen to me when I tell her to stop doing something, I think this is normal toddler behavior?
Recently she has become clingy and fusses a lot. She whines for things and doesn't even try to speak when she wants something. I pretty much always know what she wants, but I ask her to say it and try to talk to her a lot. I have taught her a few signs that she uses once in a while, but mostly just fusses, I can't take it anymore.
I was wondering if anyone else went through a similar situation with their 18 month old. Do you think me being pregnant is making a difference in my daughter and making her more clingy? I need some helpful suggestions on how to stop the whining and lessen the clingy-ness.


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Anita - posted on 06/13/2013




my son is the same why! but he is a picky eater! it is very hard! I just pray it will get better because I have not been eating I am getting so skinny!

NaritaZuana - posted on 06/13/2013




Dear Stephanie....take a deep breath honey. It is normal for a little buddy to get so fussy when the sense that their 'place' will be taken by someone else soon. My 2nd daughter is already 3 years old when I was pregnant my 3rd child and she behave like too-fussy-to-tolerate. She even knocked on my tummy, pretend crying and mess up her toys all around the house. What I can suggest you is, instead of being angry at her, you need to give her more attention than before and pamper her as much as she want it. Let her have the feelings that she is still your favourite baby after all.

Good luck Stephanie...and I hope you do well. Big hugs!!

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