18 month old shouts all the time

Nadia - posted on 09/04/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi there, im faced with this delimma..my 18 month old boy just doesnt stop shouting.Since he hasnt learnt how to talk..all he does is shout inorder to make himself understood.This is no ordinary shouting, its the ear piercing,eard drum bursting kind.Im sure a few of you have been thru this .plaease guide me how can i control this.Ive tried evrything..going down on his level..tryin to tell him not to...nothing works..help im desperate!


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Melanie - posted on 09/14/2009




First of all, ignore the tantrum! then find time when he is calm and maybe go through some flash cards with him. just simple baby flash cards that you can find at most any store. Give him the oppurtunity to practice words he would use most often. Mommy, daddy, drink, cracker, toy...simple everyday things he would ask for. Allow him to try and be positive. Talk calmly to him and be encouraging. try not to show any frustation. and don't over do the practicing. you want him to enjoy this time. And the whole tantrum screeming thing, ignore it, turn your back towards him for a second, then turn back towards him and speak calmly and soft to him and tell him to take a breath! I hope this helps! good luck!

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I know this sounds bad, but I would ignore him and see if he stops. When he stops go over to him and see if you can get him to try to tell you with out yelling. At 18 months he should be saying at least mama, dada, baba and some more. I know every child learns at their own rate but maybe I would call your pedatrician and see what they say. Maybe is has a hearing problem that you are unaware of?

Jessica - posted on 09/04/2009




im going through the same thing. i have to sometimes just tell him no no non o no OVER & OVER. and then sometimes just the ignoring or ill put him down for his nap. I have not figured out a way to completly stop it, just try to avoid it GOOD LUCK :)

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