19 month old with possible night terrors what do I do?

Stephanie - posted on 02/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I called my daughters doctor today to find out what I can do to calm her night terrors when she screams uncontrollably in the middle of the night and they told me I had to make an appointment to talk with the doctor so now I have to wait till the 4th to find out what I can do. My husband wakes up at 530am to go to work and comes home at 6pm and with his line of work he needs his rest and with me being 4 months pregnant and having my 19 month old daughter waking up for the day at 845-9 I need all the rest I can get. Last night my daughter woke up at 115am and screamed and cried and tossed and turned for an hour and by the time she finally fell back to sleep I was wide awake and didnt get back to sleep till almost 330. If your child has been through this and you found a good way to make it stop sooner so everyone can get the needed rest Please do share!


Armanda - posted on 02/15/2011




Hi Stephanie,
My son has suffered with night terrors off and on for the past two years. My pediatrician said it is normal, and that a lot of times children who don't sleep or nap well have them more often. My son never naps, and is not a good sleeper. Unfortunately, I was told that there wasn't really anything I can do to help him. But I was told never to wake him up when he is having one, just rub his back or make gentle shushing sounds. I never heard about giving them Melatonin though. It's worth looking into. Hope you get some rest soon!

Christi - posted on 02/15/2011




My son is Autistic and has horrid night terrors. He is never awake during them and screams and cries and thrashes. His sleep patterns were horrendous because of them and about six months ago we put him on Melatonin. It is herbal, all natural sleep aid, I take it myself on occasion. It has stopped them to where he may have one once every couple of months, which is a God send since he was having them 6-7 times a night. You need to clear it with your doctor first and make sure he approves the dosage. My son gets two miligrams mixed in his milk before bed everynight and within twenty minutes he is asleep. I have heard that with some very few children it makes them worse, but for most it stops them. Good luck to you mama. Oh and he is 2 btw, we started him on it at 18 months.


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Crystal - posted on 06/08/2011




OK so this is going to be a little long... I have to go back 26 yrs..lol

My brother started getting them at the age of 2. At the time my mom would just wake him up by putting him in the shower. But his behavior got worse during the day every time she did this. After about a year she went to a doctor and asked. This doctor told her to never ever wake someone up from a night terror.

The best thing to do is to start talking to them telling them who you are until in their dream they can see you will talk to you. Once this is done start talking them to a safe place.

Step by step walk them home. Describe to them the things you see when you come home what they look like and even smell like. Do you pass a Taco Bell? Can you smell the taco's?

You will know when they start to fill safe for they will calm down. In my experience I have found out that some times you are able to find out the cause and can fix it.

My son who is Autistic had them and I used this method to fix his. Come to find out some kids at school where bullying him and he had terrors about them taking him to beat him. A threat they had made to him more then once. But a child as young as yours will be hard to do this part with.

The best you could do for them is talk softly till they know it is you and then hold them till they calm. Yes this will be hard at first sense it is scary and it may show in your voice. But the calmer you are the faster they will calm down.

Camlee1978 - posted on 06/08/2011




Dont have any suggestions just thankful to hear that we are not the only one. My 19month old has never been a great sleeper. He was 14 months before he slept through the night for consecutive nights. For the past 4 or so weeks he has been waking up crying but unlike before wants nothing to do with me...I have taken him to the doc like for 3 times thinking it was an ear infection and have been bit (hard) searching for teeth...NOTHING. After doing much research I am fairly certain he has night terrors. Just when we got used to him finally sleeping, he is back to waking up. He also went from waking up at 8ish to 630 or 7.... Will be checking this post to see if you get more answers. Good Luck!

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