19 mth old removing diaper after nap

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My daughter keeps taking off her clothes/diaper and dabbling in her poo or peeing over everything in her crib. Third time this week. My washing machine nor I can't take it any more! What can I do?


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Ashley - posted on 12/30/2009




first try puting her in a bed mine has been in one since she was 10mths as soon as she can it on and off things, themn is she potty trained maybe its time to try then she will get out of bed after her nap and tell you instead of taking off the daiper, min has been potty traianed since she was 13mths now shes 2

Cathleen - posted on 12/30/2009




LOL! My two year old does this. I make sure she has pants on before her nap, My 19 m old started doing this as well. I think they are showing an interest in potty training. I like the others ideas about putting diapers on backwards. Hopefully you find something that works!

Michelle - posted on 12/29/2009




my oldest painted the baby with his diaper contents many years ago. Duct tape backwards diapers and overalls saved us.

Abby - posted on 12/28/2009




my friend has twin boys n they do that every nap time so now she puts a nappie on then a pull up over the top n they havent done it since

Alanna - posted on 12/23/2009




This sounds as if it may time to try toilet training. My 18mth old son is doing this very same thing right now. Last week, I started putting him on his little potty chair. He doesn't really do anything, but it makes him feel like a big boy. One of these days, he'll do something and that's when I'll really pour on the praise(I do it now too, but I think he'll begin to associate the toilet with going pee and poo once he starts doing it and getting the praise. He'll understand that that is what he's supposed to do.). Maybe try putting her on the toilet(or even a toddler potty chair if she has one.). Sometimes letting them watch an older sibling(mine has 2 older brothers 5 & 6 who he's learning from.) go potty may help them get the idea too. As for keeping the pants on thing goes, it might be something you just have to put up with for a few months until she gets the hang of going potty. I've tried everything from putting the clothes on backwards to putting certain items over others,etc...but still manages to take them off-lol :)

Christy - posted on 12/23/2009




Oh My do I ever feel for you. My son did this when he was little. I would cry and cry and days of cleaning and scrubbing the poo off of the walls and Carpets. Then having to wash blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. I tried the tape on diapers, put them on him backwards and even then he would pick it out from the inside line of the diaper between his legs. As I said I would cry and cry it is a terrible thing to have to do everyday and nothing you do can get them to stop. I had a newborn daughter at the time my son was doing this also. Anyways my advice would be to try and place her to sleep then open her door and about the time she usually wakes go and take her to the bathroom when she wakes up. And keep her in view around the times she usually has a bowel movement. Bless you and I hope it gets better for you soon.

Melissa - posted on 12/22/2009




When my kids did this we taped the diapers on so they couldn't get them off. Just FYI, my kids did this at about the same age but would not potty train until they were 3 so get frustrated if you introduce the potty and she just isn't interested.

[deleted account]

yea my daughter does this :) great isnt it lol.
i had 2 go out and buy zip-up baby grows!! and she has 2 wear them back 2 front!! she only wears them at bed time, but she looks so funny coz i brought white ones she looks like shes wearing a straight jacket hahaha!!

Sheila - posted on 12/21/2009




Quick prevention... if you know about how long the nap is, get up there a few minutes before your baby wakes up... wake them up yourself and bring them to the toilet, maybe they are showing signs of wanting to not be in a diaper! YAY! Or, just change the diaper... you know your little one the best and what they are ready for :)

[deleted account]

she is showing you she is ready for the potty, everytime she is having her nappy changed sit her on her potty, and talk to her about what she is meant to do. If she takes her nappy off tell her "oh you need the potty" and take her right away (even if she is dirty) then tell her "next time, just ask mummy for the potty ok"

Tiffany - posted on 12/20/2009




start introducing the potty!!! my daughter does the same thing when she has a wet diaper. i introduce the potty and she wants to go everytime im in the bathroom. someting new to try

[deleted account]

Thanks, guys! We found that she can't get the snaps on her onesie undone, so we are going to try snapping the onesie over the pants like Betsy suggested. We have also considered full-length snap suits, as she doesn't seem to be able to unsnap things yet (although I'm sure it's only a matter of time). We are encouraging potty training and have the potty and everything but it's slow going. We have considered safety pins but it makes me nervous to put her down with something that could potentially really hurt her. I appreciate all the ideas - sometimes it's just nice to know that other parents deal with these annoying stages, too!

Jessica - posted on 12/20/2009




My daughter is only 16months and has been doing this for the past week now. We have tried putting pants on her but she can get them off and we have tried putting her in a full suit but she can undo the studs or just pulls the nappy through the leg of the suit. Have decided to try toilet training her (just getting a potty and see if she shows some interest) and bought a pack of Huggies pull-ups training pants as they dont have the tabs for her to undo.

Michelle - posted on 12/20/2009




LOL my son is 19 months too and omg does he do this all the time!!!! He even *shudder* ate a little bit of the contents once (blech). . We just make sure he's got pants on when he goes down for his nap. If he's wearing pants he doesn't do it. I think it's a sign of interest in potty training, so it's not really a matter of just preventing it, I think it's just a part of the natural progression.

Betsy - posted on 12/20/2009




we did the backwards diaper but the other thing we had to do was put her pants inside the onsie when we snapped the crotch. the backwards shirt didn't make much of a difference they just slipped the diaper down and out one of the leg holes. that's when i started snapping the onsie over the pants too. it's winter so she won't be too hot and it makes it harder to get eveything off. unless she's able to slip out of the neck of her shirt you should be good to go. hope this works for you. looks funny as all get out but does work

Rebecca - posted on 12/20/2009




Put her diaper on backwards and a diaper shirt on backwards. If she can undo the snaps then i'm out of ideas. My neighbor has to do this with both her daughters...it might also be time to consider training her if she shows signs of interest and if you want your wash to take a break lol. I coudlnt' imagine having to get my child out of a dirty crib...it's funny to me but it sucks i'm sure lol...sorry i'm laughing, i'll get mine soem day though i'm sure. My son has never done this and my daughter is only 5 motnhs and i always hear of girls doing this so i'm sure i'll get it soon enough.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!!

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