2 and 5 year old out of control!

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hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help me with my 2 year old son and my 5 year old daughter my husband works a lot and I stay home with the kids I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with #3 and getting very nervous as my older 2 children seem to be out of control they will not listen to anything at all they treat me like im their slave :( my son is at the age that he sees my daughter do something and he copies it mostly bad behavior I have tried explaining to her that she is his role model but she just rolls her eyes at me or wont even look at me at all I really don't no what to do my family tells me its part of having children but they do not see what is happenening when they leave and there new thing now is hitting and kicking me I just don't understand where this is coming from any suggestion are soo helpful


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The behavior needs to be stopped ASAP. My son used to do that to me until my current husband came into our lives. He had never really had a father role model before. But as soon as my husband (son calls him dad and thinks he is his real dad) started dealing the punishments, my son quickly turned around. My husband was abused by his father so he will not even spank the children. But he isn't scared to put them in their room, in the corner seems to work really good, was their mouth out with soap when they back talk, or sometimes what works for the outdoor kids is making them go outside and do a chore every time they act up. Something small but its helped out greatly. So my suggestion would be to try and let dad handle it when he is around and you just kind of back off a little and see what that changes. Good luck

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tbh this is all very new behavior my daughter went on a trip with my grandparents and came home and it seems like everything has hit the fan since when she first got home and was acting this way I thought it was maybe just getting back into routine and getting used to the rules at home again but it is now rubbing off on my 2 year old and getting out of hand they have never really acted this way before my son was very shy and calm and my daughter was very polite and respectful but now they have both completely changed I have tried time outs and having them go to their rooms but they just laugh and I have taken toys from them and my daughter looks at me as if she is ready to say ok mom is that all you got. I just really don't no what to try

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