2 mth old hates sleeping

Elizabeth - posted on 11/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby girl will be 2 months next week and will only sleep 45 minutes then wakes up. She had been sleeping for most of the night waking around1am and 3am. Last night she woke every hour.

My husband thinks we should let her cry it out but I'm afraid it's too early to try that. I'm really exhausted and need suggestions!


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Sarah - posted on 11/25/2012




Here are some tricks I use. I swaddle.....one of my daughters liked having her hands free, so I left them out of the swaddle. The other daughter liked having her feet a bit looser, so I did not go as tight on the bottom but swaddled her hands in.

Then I use a fan or a white noise machine....this helps give a consistant noise and helps so they don't startle to sudden noises.

I try to keep it dark in the room during the day, close the blinds and curtains. And at night I have a little LED nightlight on.

When you do night feedings try to keep it as dark as possible (the nightlight helps you see without giving too much light) keep it as quite as possible and don't interact with baby. I also tried to not change their diaper unless I had to (really wet or a poopy diaper).

Usually around 3-4 months they start to go longer stretches at night and get more on a routine. It is OK to let her cry a little bit, but she is still pretty young too. Give her a few minutes and see if she settles herself. I had one daughter that for the first 2 months she was eating every hour around the clock....you become a walking zombie! My other daughter was a much better sleeper, but if I did not get all the burps out she would want to be held at an upright angle....I wonder if the burp would irritate her when she was laying flat, but felt ok sitting up. So my husband would sit on the couch holding her upright as they both slept together.

It does get better!

Katherine - posted on 11/25/2012




Way to early for CIO!! You are right. 2 month old's only sleep for short amounts of time unfortunately. Are you BF or bottle feeding? My daughters had a lot of gas......they wouldn't sleep ever! Ugh, can't say I miss that lol. And sometimes it's just a 2 month old thing. Are you a new mom?

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