2 sons, 10 years apart... whats the best way to transition into sharing a room? help please

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I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 12 1/2 year old and i was wondering when and how its best to have them share a room. My little one doesnt have a big boy bed yet . He was preemie and is still small and likes his pack n play to sleep in. He climbs out somtimes but i think he actually prefers staying in it, is that bad?
Both boys sleep through the night just fine. Sligtly different bed times, my little one takes some time to fall asleep (and will usually stay up later than my 12 year old lol) and my 12 year old likes to sleep with noise ie: radio or fan. i'm worried that they will be uncomfortable sleeping in the same room (or wont be able to) and i dont have any idea where to begin.
Anyone else go through something like this before? i need help ! : ) (i posted this same question in the kids 10+page and toddler page and didnt get any responses ... open to all suggestions lol)


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I think firstly it might be easier if you get your youngest a proper bed, it's not really safe if he can get out of his pack and play (by the way is this a travel cot, I'm from the UK and have no idea what one is lol). If it is a travel cot they're not meant to be used for every night sleeping and shouldn't be used once the child can stand unaided. Try by starting a bed routine in which they both go to bed at the same time as if they go to bed at different times your oldest may be disturbed and lose out on sleep. Try getting your youngest to sleep by possibly reading a bedtime story to him. Do they actually need to share a room or could they stay in separate rooms? If they could stay in separate rooms, that would be best. Your oldest will be going through puberty soon and will want his privacy and there'll be no chance of that with his 2 1/2 year old brother in the same room.

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