2 year old one treated differently since assumed he is older

Mari - posted on 04/01/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi ladies, Just was wondering if anybody else has encountered such situation and what do you do and would do? Some times people treat my 2,6 year old one differently, expecting more from him since they assume that he is allot older, like a 4 year old one. He comes from a family of tall people. He is tall for his age. The minute they hear that is only two and a half years old they change. I don't really like when people assume, just ask.


Christy - posted on 04/01/2010




My son is 33 m/o and gets mistaken for a 4 yr old all the time. I quit explaining for him. I just let him play/socialize/let people think he's 4. Who cares? I think when people have such questions it shows how insecure they are with themselves and their child/ren. Or else they are just ignorant, you know? To avoid the possible upcoming questions, I ask how old their child/ren is/are. Or course they ask how old mine is and the conversation ends, or goes on about how tall he is, etc. Try that.

Lucy - posted on 04/01/2010




I have just the same thing with my daughter. She is 3, but is tall and very articulate, so adults often assume she is older and expect too much of her.

I've had mums with children the same age or older than Ivy tell her crossly in the park she should move away from the pre-school area and let the little ones play. I've even had bus drivers refuse to let her on without me paying a child ticket for her, when she should travel for free until she is 5!

This is frustrating for me and upsetting for my daughter, and I have to say I haven't found an easy solution, but a couple of things have helped a bit. First, I always carry my daughters birth certificate if we are using the bus, and secondly I have kept a 3 badge from her last birthday and put it on her shirt when we are out in town/the park etc. I know that last one sounds quite silly, and people do always think that it's her birthday, but at least they get the message!


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Kim - posted on 04/05/2010




My yougest is tall for her age but is very good at everything. She is now 3 but has looked 4 for over a year, but she acts it and loves people thinking she is 4. On the other hand my middle child is small for her age. I get looks because I allow her to play down our little the street. One new family would not let her play at their house with their daughter because she was 'too young'(at almost 6). She is now 7.5 yrs old and in the 1st grade, Sept birthday. You should have seen that family when she got on the bus for Kindergarten last year!! Same people who btw let their 3 yo play on the street alone! My youngest is in clothes my older daughter just outgrew!

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Oh boy do I understand your frustration!!! My daughter has always been very tall for her age. She is almost 8 now, but I remember an inccident that happpened when she was two...I had taken her to McDonald's for lunch and she was playing with some other children in the playland while I sat nearby and watched. I saw another mother help her up onto a step and didn't think anything of it. This other mom returned to a table right next to mine and I overheard her say to her friend in a disgusted voice, "There's this six-year-old girl over there baby-talking and asked me 'Wood u hep me, pwease?'" I knew she had to be talking about my Rylie. A few minutes later I called my daughter over to get ready to leave. This woman tapped me on my shoulder as I was tying Rylie's shoes and asked in a hateful tone, "How OLD is your daughter?" I answered as pleasantly as I could (which probably wasn't all that pleasant) "She's TWO." I felt such satisfaction at the look on her face and the way she stammered something about what a tall girl I have. ; )

Nakavia - posted on 04/01/2010




It helps to always remind people, in a friendly way, of his actual age. My son is also tall for his age and some think he has a lot to say because he looks older. I tell them he's only 2 so he won't be saying too much :-)) People do appreciate that!

Mari - posted on 04/01/2010




Thank you Lucy for giving me some good ideas and I do hope that this will change for us some day. What if it would be their child, how would they feel?! I just would prefer people asking and not assuming. All the best and have a good Easter!

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