24 yr old mom of 2 and trying to find some responsible friends with children also

Brandi - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




1 st let me say i've been a stay home mommy 5 years with two beautiful boys! my husband works very long hours which leaves me doing everything with my boys from school to the doctors to going to the play ground!! every mom i've meet that’s around my age loves to drop the kids with their parents and go party on the weekends. (not many are married either and i am) and the older moms 30+ that have kids that are around my boys ages treat me like iam 12 and have no idea about parenting and what goes into it..which i don't think is fair. any ideas where to find some young moms that like to spend time playing with their kids,getting dirty, and being goofy..and not feel like its a chore!? but know how to pay bills juggle life and be supportive? help i feel lost!



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Jessica - posted on 09/02/2009




I feel for you as Im in the same boat. I'm 21 with a 1year old daughter and my husband and I only got married a month and a half ago (we have been together for 3years though). I'm also a stay at home mum and love spending time with my daughter but find it hard to find like minded friends. I know a few older woman who have children but like you I feel I dont fit in as I am so much younger and they opening view me as sheltered and niave about the world because I was never one to go our and party or do drugs and because I settled down early so obviously I have no life experience. I've found that I have meet some amazing woman here on cirlce of moms but am yet to find any in my area. Try a playgroup, swimming lessons or gymbory like group. Sorry I wasnt much help I just wanted to let you know you werent alone.

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