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2nd grade girls putting HAND SANITIZER in my daughter's hair! HELP!

Melinda - posted on 05/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is in 2nd grade. In February two girls in her class started putting gel hand sanitizer in her hair. They claimed they were "just playing" but the amount of gel in her hair was beyond just playing. My daughter started losing hair by the handfuls.
I noticed the smell for a few weeks before I actually realized what it was.
I asked her, "Are you putting hand sanitizer in your hair?". She said, "No, but some of the girls in my class do." They would grab a pump of the gel and walk by her and wipe it in her hair. I immediately emailed her teacher & told her what happened. She talked to the girls and said she would be sure it didn't happen again.
A week later her teacher took an emergency medical leave.
Two weeks after I reported the first incident, I noticed she was once again losing hair.
I posted the status on my facebook asking family & friends if they had advice for me on the whole situation. I received some comments "vitamins", "fish oil", and other hair remedy treatments. I also had a few friends and family who were angry that someone would do this to my little girl and they made joking comments like, "She should punch her in the nose", and we laughed because everyone who knows my daughter knows she would never hurt anyone.
One friend asked if I ever had her thyroid checked, if it could be a medical problem.
Thinking it might be more than just hand sanitizer, I took her to the doctor & they did complete blood work labs on her. Everything came back totally normal.
I asked Jordan if the girls were putting hand sanitizer in her hair again. She said yes they were and girl #2 was now putting hand soap from the bathroom (which has alcohol in it) in her hair as well.
I then spoke to the substitute teacher to let her know what was going on, she said to talk to the Principal.
I told the principal what was happening.
Principal said this was the second warning for girl #1 and that she would have an "office detention" and she would bring in her mother for a conference, that it could lead to suspension if it continues & that there had been a problem with her sister in the past. She also said she would speak to girl #2 as well.
I wrote both girls' names on a piece of paper & handed it to her.
After that I called the school police and told the assigned offer what has been happening.
She said she would talk to the principal and let her know the police have been notified about the situation and they would be checking back in.
Thinking we finally had a resolution in the matter, I posted an update on facebook & deleted the post.
May 13th I asked my daughter if everything was going ok at school now. She said just 2 days ago girl #2 put hand soap in her hair again.
I called the principal FIVE TIMES that morning. She took 4 hours to finally pick up her line when I wouldn't "just call back" and said, "That's ok, I'll hold."
I told her I am not happy with how she was handling this problem, the girls were still bullying my daughter and that the girls should have received a suspension.
She said, "Someone emailed me several screen shots of a post you put on facebook. Where did you get the information that girl #1 would have an 'office detention' and that I was having a conference with her mother & it could lead to suspension?"
(I was shocked) I said, "You told me that. Right there in the office. You said those exact words." She denied ever saying it. She said, "I couldn't have told you that, I'm not allowed to tell you that information." but she did. She then said I never even told her about girl #2 which her name was on the paper I handed her.
After talking to my daughter again, I asked her if the girls were ever called to the principal's office after I talked to the principal. She said the vice principal brought my daughter & girl #1 in the office and questioned them together.
My daughter is the victim and she brought the bully in the same room as the victim and questioned her in front of my daughter. The bully said, "We were playing hair dresser, right (daughter's name)?" and because my daughter is afraid of the girl she was intimidated and said, "Yeah I guess so".
My daughter was afraid of being a "tattletale". She didn't tell because she doesn't want to get anyone in trouble. She is a very caring kind hearted girl. She went along with what they did because she was afraid.
I am now speaking to the school superintendent. The principal is failing to do her job to protect my daughter as she is treating this like it is no big deal.
Also the principal seems overly concerned with my private post on facebook, which I still don't know how she was able to get to. She is worried because she told information she wasn't supposed to be giving out. If she saw this post and was that concerned about it, why didn't she mention it 2 weeks before when it was originally posted? It was only on facebook for 2 days before I deleted it!


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