2yr olds and nose bleeds

Kasey - posted on 01/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have twin boys that are 2.In Oct.one of them broke his arm.and two days after that when we where to go to get his cast on he woke up with a bloody nose i called the dr.they asked did we have the heat on that night and I said no because we didnt so they said keep an eye on him and if it con.to bring him in it stopped for that day,then the next morning I noticed he felt warmer than usually and when I picked him up his nose had been bleeding but it was only 2 drops so now I noticed that everytime he gets hot or his body temp gets a lil high his nose bleeds is this normal


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Jennifer - posted on 01/04/2010




I would definately call the doctor. When I was little, I had a gushing bloody nose every night, and my mom had the same thing when she was little. We were told we just had weak blood vessels in our noses. It could be nothing, but I would check with the doc just to make sure. If it is something serious, then sooner is better than later.

Kimberley - posted on 01/04/2010




thats the same as my brother when he was lil but they did nothing about it but if it carrys on i would go back to the dr

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