3 day car ride with 21 month old.

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I have already flown with my son 3 times by myself and done quite a few 2-3 1/2 hour car trips, but next month, my husband and I are planning on driving from Central Wa to Upstate MN by car with our son AND dog. This trip will take us approx. 3 days (with all the stopping). I do plan on getting a portable DVD player and of course have lots of snacks and a few toys but what else would you suggest? Some cool gadget for the car or any suggestions on trays that attach to the carseat (I was considering one)? Neck pillows? Thanks!


Alicia - posted on 03/27/2010




ok when i was 6 month pregnant my mom 13 yr old brother, and 18 month old brother drove from tacoma wa to san diego cali it took about 26 hours with our stopping. we had left around 2 in the afternoon and drove straight thru the night. we made sure to stop every 4 or so hours change him and let him stand and stretch and move around the car i guess we probably gave him 20 minutes each stop!! we had a portable dvd player (i dont think i have ever watched so much madagascar in my entire life haha) we also bought the cord that plugged the dvd player into the car stereo so you could here the movie loud. he was really good with that drive, just liked to stretch every once in awhile.

then when my daughter was 4 months old we drove her 14 hours and she did great!!! slept most of the time, i am a little scared for the trip we have coming up. she will be 9 months old with a 31 hour drive. im scared!! :) hope this helped a little

oh get the neck pillow!!! its soooo worth it. my now 2 1/2 yr old brother LOVED his!! and slept a whole lot better because of it.

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