3 y/o having nightmares everynight!!

Jennifer - posted on 02/26/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 3 y/o has woken up every night for the past week from having bad dreams, screaming, crying, and then crawls into bed with us naturally! This does not happen during naps, only at nighttime. My girls are not aloud sugar after 6 bc I tell them sugar causes bad dreams so Im not sure what else it could be...any ideas?


Katherine - posted on 02/27/2011




Most kids have nightmares once in a while, but 2- to 4-year-olds are particularly prone — this is an age when normal fears develop, imagination blossoms, and the ability to describe a bad dream kicks into high gear.

Your child's nightmares may stem from listening to a story that's scary (even if it doesn't seem scary to you), watching an upsetting TV show or movie, getting excited or worked up before bed, or feeling anxious or stressed during the day.

Many things can cause stress — and nightmares — for a 2- to 4-year-old, from toilet training to moving to a big-kid bed, changes in childcare or at preschool, or a parent's layoff from work. For a child working through his feelings about these stressful events, nightmares are a normal response, and you're not a bad parent if your child has them.


There is also more info on this website.


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Libria - posted on 01/06/2016




My Son use to love watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and I believe it gave him nightmares!! He had them every night. A friend of mine stopped her son from watching the show because of the same suspicion. The nightmares stopped once they stopped watching the show. That was four years ago. Then a few days ago, I heard Yo Gabba Gabba playing in our house. Someone must have turned it on for my toddler while I was asleep. I rushed to turn it off. The very next day my 2year old started having nightmares at night and during naps. She never had nightmares before. Something is not right with that show. In my house, it's NO Gabba Gabba.

Kimberly - posted on 02/27/2011




I agree with Katherine...Imaginations do run wild...My child had never been afraid of the dark til she watched and episode of yo gabba gabba when they were talking about it one morning and then all of a sudden she was "afraid of the dark"...i still to this day dream of snakes if i c a snake on the tv b4 im about to go to bed...(which I am terrified of...wanna c a fat girl run super fast, thats all ya gotta do is put a snake in front of me and I will run as fast as I can...May b in the same spot til i realize im not goin anywhere, but still...it counts)...Good luck!!!

Kelly - posted on 02/27/2011




My daughter had night terrors at that age. You might want want to talk to your ped about it.

Danielle - posted on 02/26/2011




I agree with Kaitlin. I would ask her what she dreamed about and see if she can rememer. Then maybe you can help her work through it. When my son was in K a boy at school was telling him that he turned into a werewolf at night and was coming in my son's room while he was asleep. He had nightmares for a long time after that but we talked about it and it helped.

Kaitlin - posted on 02/26/2011




Umm...well My 3 1/2 year old has been doing this lately but her daddy just got deployed overseas too so I guess my first question would be has there been any change in the family or any change at all? Well, you can try and put a night light in her room, leave her light on until she fall asleep, play music for her, and if she wakes up and crawls into bed with you and you don't want her sleeping with you guys then just take her back to bed when she fall back to sleep. I let mine sleep with me if she crawls in bed with me...then again 90% of the time I don't know that she crawled in bed with me till the next morning. But I don't think there is a whole lot you can do...it's just a phase and you'll just have to let it pass. By the way, sugar doesn't cause nightmares. That's a myth. Just thought I'd let you know that. But I wish you luck and I hope she stops having nightmares. I know it's hard.

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