3 year old drama

Kristi - posted on 10/01/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter can be the biggest drama queen when she wants to. i woke her up from her nap so she could get ready for school (she goes to a pre-school program for 3 hrs in the late afternoon) and she said she didnt want to go. i asked all the normal questions as to why she didnt want to go and all she did was cry. she wouldnt even talk to me. i had to get her out of bed and dress her like a baby while she was kicking and screaming and then she wouldnt stand up. this screaming and not wanting to get up went on for 20 mins then it was time to get out the door...she wouldnt stand up so i smacked her with my hand on her butt twice...she still wouldnt stand up. i put her back in her bed and told her when she was done throwng a fit i would be back to talk to her. i was so frustrated! now its past time to be at school so i called them and said she wouldnt be there today. she continued to scream at the top of her lungs like someone was cutting her legs off. this went on for at least 20 more mins. then she came out on her own and said ahe wanted to go to school. i tried to explain to her why it was to late and she freaked out again. this is not the 1st time she has acted this way.

im going to have a head full of gray hair before long!

does this kinda thing happen to anyone else? any advice?


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Jayme - posted on 10/01/2009




My 4 year old son does that when he gets in trouble and i put him in time out. The best thing is to just let them scream and walk away. They are throwing the tantrum for extra attention. Secondly if she doesn't want to get up for school let her go in late and face the consequences of being late. Lost time, missing out on activities, but make sure she goes so that she understands what she is doing. By not taking her to school you are allowing her to take control and be in charge, which will lead to bigger problems later. She may be only 3 but believe me they do understand!

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