3 yr old with potty issues

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I have a three yr old who has been acting out when it comes to using the potty. She will wait til the very last moment to use the bathroom and ask if she can use "our bathroom" even when I tell her she doesnt need to ask because its her bathroom too and she needs to just run to the potty so she doesnt pee on herself. She will still wait til last moment and then pee on the floor in front of the potty. How do I stop this. She just recently started it. I've tried telling her that she will upset Dora (Dora is on her panties) if she wets Dora. That works most times. But outside of that, I'm at a loss and we are about to move across country. Please help.


Jennifer - posted on 02/04/2010




My daughter did the same thing for a while. She would wait til the last moment, then pee her pants trying to get to the bathroom. A lot of my daughter's problem was that she didn't want to take time out of playing to go. So, when she would wet her pants I would make her sit in her wet clothes for a little bit, just so she could feel that it was yucky. Then when I did clean her up, I would make her sit in a chair for like an hr. and not let her play. She soon found out that it was better to interrupt her play time to go to the bathroom, then it was to sit in a chair for an hr. I had tried telling her that the mermaids (what is on her panties) would be upset if she peed on them, and just like your daughter that worked occasionaly too. The funny part about that is now that she is almost five and over the whole peeing herself, she still will tell me sometimes that the mermaids are happy, because she peed in the potty!

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