3yr old with terrible 2's!

Nicky - posted on 07/20/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have 3 children all boys they are 9, 6 and 3. It is the 3yr old that is giving me grieve he wont seem to let go of his terrible 2's! I have tried every method i can think of to discipline him but nothing is seeming to work. Please help! Nicky


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Laura - posted on 07/27/2009




It will get better! My DD was great at 2 and horrid at 3. Now, she's 5 1/2. She still has her moments, but at least is reasonable. LOL

I started with time ins. I'd sit with her until she calmed down and could do what I asked (now, she calms down in her room). She graduated to time outs. I'd also give instruction on her level, give a reminder if appropriate, then follow through with a consequence if needed. I gave advance warning if there was going to be a transition (ex: we will leave the park in 5 min.). If you are calm, clear, and consistent, things will get better faster. Some of it is just trial and error. GL!

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My mom has always told he that the terrible two's are just a warm up for the horrible threes! I didn't have a problem with my oldest, but my youngest (just turned 3) started the terrible twos at 9 months old and It seems like as soon as he turned 3 he learned a whole bunch of new ways to make me mad! I hear they usually grow out of it around 4 years old. Most of what I've read and been told is that they're testing to see if you really mean what you say. Like when you say come here they wont to see if you'll make them or not. Its like they purposely do thing they know they shouldn't and then look at you and smile and "say" whatcha gonna do about it? Yelling does no good. The only thing I've found that works with that kind of behavior is staying calm and physically making them do what ever. Like taking their hand and making them pick up toys and put them in the toy box. Also pick your battles. You can't "make" them eat, but you also don't have to parade a variety of dishes in front of them and let them choose. If they wont eat, then save it for the next meal....they wont starve themselves, eventually they'll eat what you give them. Hope that helps, just remember this is normal for their development and they'll probably go through it all over again when they hit about 12 years old! Good luck!

Nicky - posted on 07/22/2009




thanks for the replies ladies, Deb I will definately be trying that sticker chart see if that helps him. I do think he is a bit of an attention seeker even though he is the youngest and probably gets more attention than the older 2. typical boy lol thanks again. Nicky x

Deb - posted on 07/21/2009




hi nicky i'm Deb mum of one three yr old . blimey you have your work cut out . You said your 3yr old still has ther terrible 2's how bad is he does he throw a paddy ?? . Have you tried the method of doing a sticker chart so that every time he is good he puts a sticker on the chart and at the end of the week if there are more stickers for good behaviour then bad he gets a small treat . I tried this for my daughter and it worked . Now i just say any bad behaviour gets no treats it soon sinks in and they learn eventually . It takes time and might work for every one but hey if it helps try it lol . Good luck i wish you all the best tc Deb's :O)

Stephanie - posted on 07/21/2009




Hang in there! You're doing fine. be consistent with your discipline method.

it could be a couple of things...

1. Wants attention, so he's acting badly to get it.

2. just hasn't grown out the terrible two's quite yet

either way, consistency will help.

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