4 days late and neg hpt, having odd symptoms

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I'm 24 and overall healthy, I'm now 4 days late for my usually punctual period. I took a hpt and it was negative but I keep getting cramps, mood swings,sensitve nipples,headaches, tired and a canker sore, which I've never had before. I keep feeling like I'm going to start my period but it doesn't come. I have a 16 month old daughter and I feel different then when I first found out I was pregnant with her. Anybody have anything similar to this and advice or outcome of the situation? Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like you're pregant. I've had the same problem before. I took pregnacy test. Came out negative. Took another one later.....and walah...me..knocked up. If this doesn't happen of a positive test later on. Then your hormones might not be totally kicked in for it to appear positive. Do it early in the morning. Don't drink caffine. Drink water before going to bed. The caffine don't help the urine. Usually the best time to take a test is in the mornings. If you start getting cramps, and then start have light pinkish blood. You could be having a miscarriage. I've had a miscarriage too and that's how it started out. Take another test later on and hopefully it is positive for you. If not then the hcg hormone may not be strong enough yet for the test to appear positive. The only other thing i can say is that you could be pregnant and the baby hasn't fully went into the uterus yet, it could be in the fallopian tubes. My friend was pregnant and it took a month for her to find out she was and no it wasn't a fallopian tube baby. If you still feel pregnant and no positive results, I'd go to a gyn and take a test there and if no positive results, I'd ask for an ultrasound. That will show you wether you are or not. They might want a blood test to make sure. But, it is best to know early, so you can take care of yourself. I believer you are pregnant, the hormones just haven't kicked in yet. The first 3 months are critical, so stay calm, try not to be stressed out, (being stressed can cause miscarriage. I know this from experience). No put arms over head and lifting, let someone else do all the heavy stuff. And watch out for different chemicals you clean with too. Good luck and I believe congradulations are going to be in effect.


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Both my first and second babies were negative pregnancy tests until I was at least 6 weeks pregnant. Wait another week and then do a test with the first pee of the day.

If in the mean time these pains get any worse then it maybe time to see a doctor. Normal implantation pains are like a period cramp nothing more. If these pains feel worse than that then go and get checked out.

Good luck what ever the outcome!

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Yeah and I was pregnant wuith my second. The second pregnant felt weird the whole way through.

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Sounds like you could be pregnant. I have have had many negative hpt I am a mom of 4 right now and now expecting my 5th. Try taking the test again usually about a week after the first one; if it is still negative make a doctor's appt and try and get some answers there.
Good luck and hope all works out for you. Keep us posted

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I think most people would tell you to wait a week and take another test. Or wait a month and take another test. Depends how good your will power is. If you are pregnant, you'll know it in a couple of weeks when the symptoms really hit. If you're not, then you're not. But don't put yourself through Drs and scans and tests, when just waiting will solve it. Too much anxiety. I speak from experience.

That said, if the cramps are doubling you over, or VERY uncomfortable, go to the Dr, something might be going a bit pear shaped.

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