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Angela - posted on 02/26/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 month old was sleepin from 730pm til at least 4 or 5 am a month ago, all of a sudden she is getting up 4 or 5 times a night again to eat. Should I feed her, should I just let her be, should I move her to her crib(which she won't even nap in)..... I'm exhausted..... I started feeding her cereal, then cereal and fruit, and to stretch out her feedings during the day. She wanted to eat 6oz every 3 hours!!!! I don't remember my older 2 being this difficult to get to sleep... although she is a very good baby.



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Jessica - posted on 02/26/2010




Sounds like she could be going through a growth spurt maybe. I also have a 4 month old he sleep from 730ish to 630ish but in bed with me and I nurse and basically my boob is always out for his convenience or mine idk, anyways he still does eat a few times a night. Not exactly sure because of the co-sleeping and nursing I don't really wake up to feed hime but I know it's atleast 2x think it's more and he has always done this but he does not wake up just eats through his sleep,lol.I would say feed her, she's to young to be doing anything else but actually be hungry. Maybe you could take some baby ceral and grind it in the blender so its really fine and add that to her bottles, will go through the nipple hole if you grind it and will make bottle more filling. Had to do this for one of our children for a different reason but he was a very good long sleeper early on. I would try and feed her more/closer durning the day so maybe she won't want as much at night? Good luck

Kristi - posted on 02/26/2010




My son (now almost 2 yrs.) has had MANY sleep changes! Everything from naps to sleeping at night. Each time, anything I've had a problem with (like early rising) was gone within a week or two, sometimes less. I know it's hard for you to adjust, but just hang in there! Things should change for the better soon.

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