4 Year old needs nap or not?

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Hi, I have a 4 year old (March birthdate) who attends preschool 3 days a week (9am-2pm). Most days she does just fine with no nap but then again there are days where she just melts down by 5pm which is too late to be taking a nap. When I do try to get her to take a nap, she is in total refusal and yells/cries/kicks/etc so I give up sometimes because I also have a soon be 2 year old (and I'm 6m pregnant) to take care of too. If she does take a nap for 1-2 hours then she doesn't want to go to bed till after 10pm.
What do you suggest, do I get rid of the nap, make her take it anyways, or what?


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I agree with Kelly. I was also going to suggest quiet time. Besides drawing, looking at books, and listening to music audio books are a good option too. If she falls asleep you could also just let her nap for thirty or forty five minutes instead of 1 to 2 hours. We have also gone through stages where I just sucked it up, let the kid nap when they needed it, and let them stay up until 10pm. Sometimes if was nice to have the other kids go to bed and have one kid up late to have some one on one time.

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Get a trampoline and make sure she is eating enough fruit and milk/yogurt. When you get back home have her jump and count till 50. While she has her snack of cut up fruit, read to her - avoid processed foods they cause a sugar rush and then a low that will put her to sleep.
She will wake up.
Plan ahead that you are going to bake together or cook something for supper. The two year old will enjoy these activities as well.
4 is too old for naps She needs more activity. cut down the length of the nap. Try planing on playdates. Art corner with available paper and colors, playdough. TV/computer will put her to sleep keep them for after supper and in PJ's treat. narrow it down to one program/episode.

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can you swap it out for "quiet time"? This is what I did with J when he was about that age.
Right after she gets home, give her a snack and let her chill on the sofa with a blanket and a book, drawing pad, or other quiet activity for a little while. Play some soft music, let her watch a show or movies sometimes if you have to, but try to avoid TV if you can. Avoid video games, computer time, and physical activities. This will give her time to recover from preschool without forcing her to sleep completely.


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