4 Year Old Stepson With Aggressive behavior.....

Amanda - posted on 04/09/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old stepson has some really strong aggressive behavior. He punches and causes bruises on my daughter. He uses his nails to dig into her neck causing blood. And most recently dug his finger nails into her mouth, causing her gums to bleed! The two of them will just be playing and he will just hit her randomly! Sometimes they argue like kids do but instead of a normal slap or hit he really lays into his siblings and other kids like it's self defence. Obviously, his parents are not together. His mom was 16 when she had his sister (who is 7 now) and had him about 2 years later. I read up a little bit of behavior of childrens from teen moms and my hubby's kids sadly fit almost all of the statistics. Me and my hubby are college educated and successful. Their mom struggles and when she is asked about behavior issues at her home she says they do not act this way. My hubby and his ex have not been together for about 4 years now. His kids were so young when they split up. There was no divorce because they were never married. And he took his kids in on the weekend and she had them during the week. Once he met me he started pushing for more time. Which resulted in a lot of drama and then a custody battle. Now it's 50/50 custody and they are here every other week for the whole week. Any advice on how I can get my stepson's parents on the same page with his behavior? I'm home with him all day every other week and have been seeing some bad behavior that I believe needs some outside help.


Michelle - posted on 04/12/2015




What is his Father doing while he is with you? It's not up to you to get them on the same page, that's what they should be doing anyway!
Your husband needs to be stepping up and be a Dad.

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